Add-ons can be added to any service.
During the booking process, once you book your services, you will have an option to add any of these add-ons to your service.

Special Offers

Receive a FREE MASSAGE on your 10th visit

* Loyalty card is valid one per customer and can't be used in conjunction with a friend or family member's loyalty card. Loyalty cards are non-transferable and can not be traded for cash in place of service.

Refer a FRIEND and receive $10 OFF your next visit

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Dry Brush Exfoliation

Dry brushing is a gentle way to exfoliate the skin. So gentle and peaceful it is often described as meditative. While removing dead skin, the soft strokes also release tension, and increase lymphatic flow to help eliminate cellular waste. This add-on is "addictive" in its delightful feel and many benefits.

20 minutes: $20

Himalayan Foot Polish

Say goodbye to rough callous feet, and say hello to softer smoother skin with our Himalayan foot polish. A pink Himalayan salt foot scrubber will remove dry, brittle skin while helping increase blood flow and reducing tension.
A perfect add on to any massage or spa treatment.

10 minutes: $10

Hand & Foot Paraffin

Treat both hands and feet to a paraffin treatment which will nourish and exfoliate dry skin

10 minutes: $15

Hand Paraffin

A warm paraffin dip is not only very relaxing but also anti aging for the hands.  The heat will deeply penetrates the muscle layers, while the paraffin exfoliates and smooths the hands to a youthful polish.

10 minutes: $10

Foot Paraffin

Revitalize your feet with a warm paraffin treatment! The heat will deeply penetrate the muscle layers, while the paraffin exfoliates and smoothens the feet to a youthful polish.

10 minutes: $10

Age Defying Face Cupping Massage

Take a sip from the fountain of youth with our face cupping massage.  While you relax, your body will increase it’s production of collagen & elastin, our body’s own natural anti aging chemicals.  Circulation will increase as the lymphatic channels open more deeply to sweep away cellular waste and cleanse the face.  The process will continue naturally for a few hours after the session ends.  You will notice an immediate change with a fresh and dewy appearance.

20 minutes: $20

Scalp Massage

Do you feel like you need some extra time to unwind from the stresses and chaos of your life? A soothing scalp massage will stimulate the trigger points of the scalp and open the crown chakra to let positive energy  flow through you and wash away the negative.

10 minutes: $10

Detox Foot Soak

Pamper your feet before your massage with this warm detoxifying foot soak which will rid your feet of all the toxins trapped within the fascia and muscle tissues

15 minutes: $15

Foot Massage

Did you know that there are 7000 nerve endings in your two little feet, and you’ve been standing on all of them! Give your tootsies a well-deserved break with an extra 10 minutes of massage. They will thank you for it!

10 minutes: $10

Hand/Forearm Massage

Our hands and arms never truly get a rest throughout the day.  Even when we sit still, we often continue using our hands to type, scroll, knit, turn the pages of a book!  This add-on focuses on a little extra on overused muscles of the hands and forearms, up to the shoulders, relieving pain, stiffness, and fatigue that you probably weren’t even aware of.

10 minutes: $10

Our Aromatherapy Oil Options

Muscle Relief: A restorative blend of clove, helichrysum, peppermint and wintergreen essential oils. This blend has a minty aroma, with a cooling effect on the body, can decrease inflammation, release tension, and can ease away pain.

Stress Relief: A balanced blend of bergamot, blood orange, grapefruit, patchouli, and ylang ylang essential oils. This citrusy blend soothes the mind for clearer thinking, while decreasing anxiety and depression and reducing stress.

Our Policy

It is recommended that services be scheduled online at least 24 hours in advance. Walk-ins will not be accepted. Same day appointments will be taken as time permits. Please check online scheduling or call for time availability.

If coming in for a first time appointment, please plan on arriving approximately 15-20 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time in order to fill out new client paperwork. For your convenience, you may print these forms from our website, fill them out, and bring them to your appointment to lessen the time to 5-10 minutes prior.

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Please give 24 hours' notice for cancelation of appointments. Failure to do so will result in a charge of 50% of the cost of the service scheduled.